BlackRock is a different kind of watch company - focused on watchmaking, not marketing. We don't blow smoke about a mythical Swiss heritage. We don't bullshit about what's inside the watch. We don't sponsor yacht races, Formula 1 or expeditions up K2. Consequently, we don't charge $$$ for a $ product

Our mission is simply to make a watch that we would want to wear. Rugged, reliable and ready-made for business or pleasure. 

We do offer something no other manufacturer does - an INFINITE GUARANTEE. That's an unlimited guarantee on parts and workmanship, period. No one else does this.

Go ahead and try one out for 10 days. If you're not satisfied for any reason we'll offer you a full refund. Few take us up on the offer.

Please reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you:

Email: info@blackrockwatch.com

Phone: 802/578-7766

Facebook: Facebook.com/BlackRockWatchmakers

Twitter: Twitter.com/BlackRockWatch

Or reach out to us directly from the site. We'll use your email to stay in touch with special offers, but we don't play games with your privacy: